Hello, admin DK aka user: [dkdk] here. So I'm still getting around the basics myself since this site offers a lot to learn and so much customization options. Right now many things are self explanatory but listen up anyways:

-When you enter this site via phone, make sure to click classic version rather than staying in mobile version. The reason is there are still issues with the latter.

- 'QUICK REPLY' and 'POSTREPLY' are two different posting options, and while 'QUICK REPLY' (the typical white text space you will find at the bottom right now) is used for common chat between users, 'POSTREPLY' (an actual button at the bottom of the forum page even below the white text space that takes you to another white text space) should be only used for actual RP posts. The reason is because the dice roll feature is only available in the 'POSTREPLY' post, where you will find the dice option below the text space. Try to get into a habit of distinguishing them; you will not be punished for misusing them, but it's purely for organizational purposes.

- When you created a new account, you have your own user character sheet to the right side of your posts (name, health bar, etc), which you can customize in your profile page. I am still pondering whether I should incorporate this into RPs (the only limit is that the character sheet is one at a time), but currently is not applicable. You are not required to created a character sheet but will benefit from it sometime in the future.

-To be Updated at irregular intervals.