1. NO MENTIONING OR LINKING OF ANY OTHER FORUM SITES - This is in accordance to the Forumotion protocols. You will be warned only once, and the second time will be a cause for temporary or permanent ban. If you have to mention *THAT* other forum site, PLEASE refer to it as FP.

2. Standard and usual forum/RP rules are to be followed: No OPness, no harassment, cyber-bullying, etc. Ask if you are not sure about what is considered standard ethics here.

3. Regarding content filter - this is not PG13; it should be rated M - you are free to write or post mature content so long as it is not pornography, illegal, or explicit. For example: sex scenes are allowed in text only, and while it should not be too detailed, it can be suggestive enough for a pleasant read. If it makes someone feel uncomfortable, including myself, you are crossing the line.

4. If you have an idea for a new forum concept or moving story direction, make it public and ask before impulsively creating one.


6. To be constantly updated, be on the look out.